Artist: Add a New Award

To add a new artwork award to your website, complete the following steps in your website administrative area:
For more information about logging into your administrative area, contact Skyview Development. 

  1. In the left menu bar of the administrative area, go to Posts > Add New
  2. In the top text box, enter the title of the award
     TIP: Keep the title short and do not include symbols such as “+” so that it appears as expected on various pages of the website.
  3. In the large, centered text box, enter the details about the award
  4. In the right column, scroll down to the Featured Image section and click Set featured image
    The  Set Featured Image dialog box opens

    1. Click on the Upload Files tab
    2. To upload an image, drag and drop an image to the window, or click on the Select Files button to select a file on your computer
    3. The Media Library tab opens and your new image is selected
    4. In the ATTACHMENT DETAILS section on the right, make sure that the Title and Alt Text fields are set to the name of your artwork
    5. Click the Set featured image button
      The Set Featured Image dialog box closes
  5. In the right column, scroll up to the Categories section and select the check box next to the “Awards” category
  6. If you want the new award to appear in the featured slider on the homepage, complete the following optional tasks:
    1. In the Categories section, select the check box next to the Featured category
    2. In the Excerpt section, enter a short description of the featured award to entice your fans to view the award page
      If you do not include an excerpt, the information from the text box will be used, and line breaks will be ignored
  7. In the right column, scroll up to the Publish section and click Publish