Restaurant: Edit Your Holiday Hours

To update your Holiday Hours, complete the following steps in your website administrative area:
For more information about logging into your administrative area, contact Skyview Development. 

  1. In the left menu bar of the administrative area, go to Posts
  2. The Posts page opens to display a table of all of the posts in your website
  3. Locate the Holiday Hours post by sorting, filtering, or searching through your posts
  4. Click Holiday Hours
    The Edit Page page opens.
  5. To change the contents of your post, edit the information in the large, centered text box. There are two ways to edit your page using the Visual and Text(HTML) tabs:
    1. Visual – If you edit on the Visual tab, you will have access to rich format buttons, such as those in Microsoft Word
    2. Text – If you edit on the Text tab, you can use the included HTML buttons or manually enter any HTML tags and content.
    3. Media – You can use the Add Media button to upload media files, edit metadata, and insert the media into your page
  6. In the right column, scroll up to the Publish section and click Update
  7. Click View page to view your changes