Epiphenie.com is my personal and technical blog. It began as my old domain LexCLab.com, which I have since discontinued. My coworkers at Lexmark and I would meet in the Color Science Lab (LexCLab) weekly and discuss our web projects, troubles, and solutions. We helped one another. I led the meetings and documented any links, tips, and code. I developed LexCLab.com for our resources. As I did more projects and learned more, I decided that I needed a more interesting and unique web domain and created Epiphenie – a word play of Stephenie’s Epiphany.

I built Epiphenie on the WordPress blog platform because it offered the basic “article” functionality that I wanted, but allowed for a great deal of customization. I built my first few themes on this site and other sites by adapting other free themes. I then built one from scratch. Now I find well-supported themes online. Sometimes they’re free and sometimes they are premium themes that I pay for. I then edit the themes to suit my design needs. I edit images in Photoshop. I edit and change backgrounds and logos. I create my own Favicons (see my article for more info). I edit PHP files to change WordPress content and theme design. I create my own page templates, such as this and this RSS feed. I edit the CSS to change fonts, colors and other design elements in the theme.

The content in the Epiphenie blog is wildly diverse. I have written at least one article a week for most of the past year. Anytime I take on a project, whether it’s created a data backup system, jailbreaking an iPhone, rooting Android, or organizing my home – it goes in my blog. The initial purpose is to keep a record of any steps I have taken for personal reference later. The secondary use is to help others solve a difficult problem. The content on the site is extensive and entirely original. Any content (whether text or images) that comes from another source is credited.

I am proud of the design, layout, and content of this site.


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